myFSU Portal
myFSU portal is a personal gateway to the links and resources you need to be successful on campus. As a student, you have quick access to the student information system where you can manage everything from financial aid to academics. From the central location of myFSU portal, everything you need to interact successfully as a member of the FSU community is at your fingertips.

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This user guide will take you on a click-by-click tour of myFSU portal's Student community.

myFSU Header

Use the icons in the myFSU Header to easily navigate myFSU portal.

  • Click the drop down arrow next to your name to return to your myFSU portal home page, view your FSUID profile or log out.
  • Use the search box to find specific information in myFSU portal.
  • Click the Gear icon to see your account information and change your portal view.
  • Click the Question Mark icon to access the myFSU portal Support Community. Here you will find FAQs, featured tips and links to additional training tools. You will also find contact information for various service providers on campus.
  • Click the House icon to return to your main myFSU Landing page.
  • Click the Conversation Bubble icon to read important messages from FSU.
  • Click the Group icon to switch communities.

My Courses
Use this portlet to view detailed information about your past, current and future courses.


Under the Past tab of My Courses you will find information about courses you have already completed.My Courses - Past

  • NEW! See class grades for the last three semesters.
  • Click to view a copy of your unofficial transcript.


The Current tab of My Courses gives you quick access to your classes for the current semester.

My Courses - Current

  • NEW! View a snapshot of your current course schedule, credits, date, time and location.
  • NEW! Hover over individual courses to see the course name
  • NEW! Click on a class location to view a campus map that will help you easily find your classes and way around campus.

Use the Future tab of My Courses to prepare for future semesters.

  • NEW! Use the Magnifying Glass icon to search for classes.
  • NEW! The Shopping Cart icon will become active on the first day of class search. Click the Shopping Cart icon to view and edit your shopping cart. The icon also displays a number to indicate how many classes you currently have in your shopping cart.
  • NEW! Use the Check Mark icon to quickly enroll in classes in your shopping cart. This icon will become active on the first day of your enrollment appointment.
  • NEW! Dates under the Magnifying Glass, Shopping Cart and Check Mark icons indicate which day each icon will become active for you.
  • NEW! Once you are enrolled in classes, a list of the courses will appear under the Future tab of My Courses in myFSU portal. Courses for the upcoming semester will appear here until the first day of classes, at which time they will move to the Current tab of My Courses. If no courses are listed under the Future tab, you still need to enroll.
  • NEW! Icons will appear in the bottom-left corner of the portlet to help you quickly drop/add/swap your courses. Use the Trash Can icon to drop classes from your schedule without penalty during Drop/Add. Use the Plus Sign icon to add classes to your schedule. Use the Arrows icon to swap one class for another. These icons will move to the Current tab of My Courses during the first week of classes.
  • NEW! After Drop/Add week, the Trash Can icon changes to a class drop tool, which allows you to submit a request to drop a class after the Drop/Add period is over.
  • NEW! Click Quicklinks for a dropdown menu of other important My Courses links, such as an academic calendar and registration guide.


NEW! My Academics
The My Academics portlet provides details about your current degree(s) to help keep you on track for graduation.


IMPORTANT! The My Academics portlet replaced the My Profile link found in Blackboard Secure Apps on August 26, 2013. All degree and advisor information is now available in the My Academics portlet.

My Degree

Click the My Degree tab to review details about the majors, minors and/or certificates that you are seeking.

My Academics - Degree

  • A summary of information about your degree(s) lists your major, cumulative GPA and total degree hours. Undergraduate students are also able to see their total excess credit hours.

    My Advisor

Quickly find your advisor's contact information using the My Advisor tab.

My Academics - Advisor

  • Click the email address to email your advisor.

My Finances

The My Finances portlet gives you a customized snapshot of all of your student accounts.

Financial Aid

Use the Financial Aid tab to quickly view and accept your financial aid awards.

My Finances - FA

  • Review the running total of your estimated loans to-date and terms and conditions.
  • To see the full details of your financial aid package, click Detailed View.
  • You can report additional financial aid by clicking the Report Outside Aid link.
  • Click Quicklinks for a dropdown menu of other important Financial Aid links, such as FAFSA and Federal Work Study.
  • View fees and tuition at a glance.

Student Accounts

View fees and tuition at a glance using the Student Accounts tab.

  • Under Account Summary, you will see up-to-date account balances. Current Due represents money that is now due. Future Due represents financial payments that are not yet due, but will be due in the near future. Total Due indicates a summation of your Current Due and Future Due charges.
  • You can quickly make one-click tuition payments by clicking the Make a Payment button.
  • Click Quicklinks for a dropdown menu of other important Student Accounts links, such as account statements and tuition payment deadlines.

My Finances - Student Accounts


View the FSUCard account statements.

My Tasks
The My Tasks portlet reminds you of important tasks that require your attention and action.

My Tasks


Here you can check to see if you have any outstanding holds.

  • A Hold is a restriction that requires immediate action, for example a health insurance or accounts receivable hold. A Hold restricts your actions within the university (e.g. registering for classes) until it is resolved.
  • Click on a Hold item for more information and the steps you need to take to have it removed.

To Do List

Check the To Do List to see if there are any important actions that you need to take.

  • A To Do List item is a prompt reminding you of outstanding documents or tasks, such as submitting your FAFSA or completing a senior exit interview. To Do List items must be completed, but will not stop you from registering.
  • Click on a To Do List item for more information and the necessary steps to have it removed.

My Information
Use the My Information portlet to easily update your personal information to continue to receive important university announcements.

My Information

  • Click the Enter Student Center link to review and update your information. When you click the link, you will be directed to myFSU Student Central, where you can manage your contact information, list emergency contacts, give access to your delegates and more.

Student Services
Use the links in the Student Services portlet to quickly find detailed info for popular student services.

Student Services

myFSU Links
Check myFSU Links for quick access to common FSU sites and resources.

myFSU links

  • Click the icons along the top to access popular FSU systems, including Blackboard and myFSU student email. Using myFSU portal's single sign-on technology, you will be connected directly to each system without having to log on again.
  • Click the triangle next to each text category to expand or collapse links for that topic.
  • Use the search box to find a specific topic.

Featured on myFSU

Discover new FSU services and resources in the Featured on myFSU portlet.

  • Click any of the scrolling banners to find out more information about the service.


Use the icons on each portlet to customize the look of your myFSU portal page.

  • If you'd like to view a portlet in full-screen mode, click the Arrows icon in the portlet's title bar.
  • To collapse a portlet, click the Minus Sign icon to the left of the portlet title.
  • Click the Wrench icon in a portlet's title bar to refresh the portlet with new content.
  • Click the "i" icon for more information on individual portlets, icons and links.
  • Click the Tell Us What You Think box to take a short survey and provide feedback on myFSU portal.